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Be a Volunteer

We have a number of volunteer opportunities, ranging from:

  • Short-term options like community litter picks

  • Longer-term engagements like social media management, content creation, and administrative help

  • Are you a local business owner looking to boost your own environmental and social impact efforts?

  • Anything else you might want to suggest to us in order to help our community?

We’d love to welcome anyone who is willing and able to lend a helping hand to the PFH family. Just let us know in which capacity you might be willing to help! 

Short term volunteer

Be part of specific projects and events.

Be part of the PFH team  and help us growth the awareness.

Long term volunteer
Local business?

Partner with us. We want more business be part of this community. 

Tell us how you can help us.

Any suggestion?

Invite your friends to get involved with PFH!


Our Volunteers

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