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Plastic-Free Hackney is committed to creating a cleaner and greener community for everyone

The premise of our campaign is to raise awareness of the issues of single-use plastics and work with locals, community groups and businesses to find sustainable alternatives. We do this through 

Pollution Picks

Community Education Events

Make Your Own Workshops

Campaigning for Change

Our mighty backbone is the brilliant network of volunteers who support us; donating time, skills, ideas and energy to keep our project going. 

We are part of the Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Communities.

Who We Are

Bettina is the founder of Plastic-Free Hackney. What started as a mission to see if she could rid her and her family's life of plastic has resulted in fully embracing a low waste lifestyle. Through PFH Bettina and the team hope to empower Hackney residents to embark on their own journey to more sustainable living.

Daisy Hutchison


Daisy has run Plastic-Free Hackney alongside Bettina since 2018. She joined PFH both to assuage her fears about raising a young family during the Climate Emergency and to connect with the wonderful local communities of Hackney. Daisy lives with her husband, two children and an extraordinary number of pets.


Steph Steele

Steph helps to share plastic free news on our social media channels. Steph’s work includes growing organic food, sourcing ethical textiles and doing many types of sports. Her passion lies in understanding where things come from and where they go, in order to value the land and life that has gone into making each thing.

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Dian Sofia

A key member of the team since 2018, Dian is passionate about mending, making and composting. She works as a designer and art director in advertising. At our pollution picks you'll find her taking great pride in weighing the haul!

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